Appeal against the infrastructure charge

The Swedish Transport Agency does not handle appeals regarding the congestion tax in Stockholm and Gothenburg. 

If you think that a congestion tax decision is wrong you can appeal to the Swedish Tax Agency.

How to appeal - if you think there is a mistake

Please note that Infrastructure charges has to be paid on time even if you make an appeal.

It is only the person/organisation who is liable to pay an infrastructure fee who has the right to appeal against it.

My car did not pass a payment station

If you have evidence please upload it below. Example of evidence could be a statement from the police that the vehicle has been reported stolen.

Supported file types are .pdf / .jpg / .png / .txt / .docx

I did not receive a decision (on time)

If you have evidence please upload a file below. An example of evidence could be a document from a city or government organ stating your residential address as being different from the address used to send the decision.

Supported file types are .pdf / .jpg / .png / .txt / .docx

I have paid on time

Please upload the bank statement by adding a file from your device below.

Supported file types are .pdf / .jpg / .png / .txt / .docx

Other reason

Please upload evidence attaching a file below

Supported file types are .pdf / .jpg / .png / .txt / .docx

The appeal concerns a rental car

The circumstance that the car was rented out, is not a reason to approve an appeal. According to Swedish legislation, it is the registered owner or holder of the car who is liable to pay.

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