What does it mean that the car must not change owners?

When a low emission vehicle is put into use for the first time according to the Swedish vehicle register, the Swedish Transport Agency will initiate the matter immediately by sending the owner an assurance form. Counting from the date of purchase, the person or company that bought the car has six months to submit the assurance.

At the earliest six months after the purchase of the new car, the Swedish Transport Agency will examine whether or not a bonus will be paid. The car must not change owners until the bonus has been paid out. That is to say, the owner must be the same when the car is first put into use according to the vehicle register, and when the bonus is paid out. Otherwise, no bonus will be paid.

By way of example, a car dealer may not put a low emission vehicle into use day 1 and then register a change of ownership with the final customer as a new owner day 2. In that case, the car has changed owners after it was first put into use, and the conditions for receiving the bonus will not be met when the matter is examined by the Swedish Transport Agency.