Private individual or running a business – what do I need to do to get the bonus?

For a bonus to be paid to you, as a vehicle owner you have to submit an assurance to the Swedish Transport Agency within six months of the purchase of the low emission vehicle. When a low emission vehicle is put into use for the first time, the Swedish Transport Agency will send you some information along with a form where your are to give your assurance.

We need the assurance from private individuals and companies alike in order to calculate the size of the bonus for the low emission vehicle.

Private individual or private firm (enskild firma)?

If you have bought the car as a private individual, all you need to do is state this in the assurance and sign the form. But if you have a private firm and have bought the car through your firm, you have to state that on the form. This is because a private firm is a type of company, and the bonus is calculated in different ways for private individuals and companies. But regardless of whether you have bought the car as a private individual or through your private firm, it will be registered on your personal identity number. For this reason, we need to know if you have bought it as a private individual or through your firm.

In other respects, private firms have to submit the same information in the assurance as other types of company.


All companies must state if they have received any other Government or municipal support in connection with the purchase of the car, and if there is any other circumstance that prevents them from being entitled to the bonus.

You have six months to complete the assurance

If we have not received the assurance within six months of the purchase of the car, no bonus will be paid to you. The assurance must be submitted in the original, since it will be machine-read.