Alcolocks for drunk driving offenders, new system 2012

Traffic should be an alcohol-free zone, and our measures against drunk driving are becoming increasingly more effective. One way to prevent drunk driving on our roads is to install alcohol ignition interlock devices. People who have had their driver’s licences revoked due to drunk driving or aggravated drunk driving are able to apply for a conditional driver’s licence that requires an alcohol interlock device, rather than being without a licence.

After several years of trials, a permanent system will be introduced beginning January 1, 2012. This new system has stronger incentives for participating, and the consequences of not choosing a conditional driver’s licence will be more considerable.

The conditional period will be one or two years. The longer period will apply to those who have been found guilty of aggravated drunk driving, those who drive under the influence within five years of having been found guilty of drunk driving, and those who have been diagnosed with alcoholism or alcohol dependency. The provisions also include regular medical supervision and testing, as well as checks and servicing of the interlock device and its log. If these provisions are not met, you will no longer be allowed to participate in the programme and your conditional driver’s licence will be revoked. The user pays for all expenses.

The system covers driver’s licence qualifications for private cars, light and heavy lorries, buses, motorcycles and class 1 mopeds (B, BE, C, CE, D, DE, A and AM). Users apply to the Swedish Transport Agency for a conditional driver’s licence. In addition, the Agency will supervise the person during the programme. Furthermore, the Swedish Transport Agency also inspects and approves alcohol interlock devices.

Read more about the new system in our Questions and Answers section. This page will be updated continuously as further details about the system have been decided on.